Jagdeep Dhaliwal Chiropractic Inc.

What to Expect at your First Chiropractic Appointment

Case History

On your first chiropractic visit, we will conduct a consultation. You and your chiropractor will discuss your medical history and concerns. This includes a thorough case history, relevant past history, and overall medical health history.

If chiropractic treatment is appropriate, we will proceed with an examination process to identify your specific diagnosis.


An examination will take place, which may include all or some of the following:

  • Physical examination
  • Orthopedic testing
  • Ranges of motions 
  • Neurological testing
  • Postural Evaluation
  • Reviewing X-rays or other relevant medical testing. 

Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment Plan

Based on your assessments and examination results, your chiropractor will inform you of your diagnosis. They will then explain the recommended treatments and alternative options. Your chiropractor will give you an estimate of how your problem will respond to chiropractic care and propose a treatment plan. The treatment plan will consist of a recommended treatment schedule and your prognosis will be evaluated on follow-up visits. The chiropractor will educate you on potential risks involved with chiropractic treatment and obtain informed consent before beginning your first treatment.